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  City Club Catering offers an extensive opportunity for any company to "go green" for business meetings.
  From choosing sustainable seafood to recycling, City Club Catering can assist you and your company in making a
  good impact on our earth. Conservation practices result in a resource-efficient facility that is better for the

  Some Ways City Club is GREEN:

  SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD: City Club will ensure that the fish you choose has not been over-fished and
  comes from a sustainable source.

  VEGETARIAN OPTIONS: At a minimum, guests are allowed to make vegetarian requests.

  LOCAL AND SEASONAL FOOD: City Club will purchase food items within 100 - 500 mile radius.  Food
  should preferably meet these criteria, but sometimes this is not possible when feeding large numbers of guests.

  BULK FOOD AND BEVERAGE: Whenever possible, we serve and purchase in bulk. We serve condiments,
  juices and beverages limiting the amount of plastic.

  FOOD WASTE: Events are encouraged to guarantee the accurate number of guests attending each function to
  lower the amount of food waste.  City Club does partner with the Tarrant County Area Food Bank in some cases.

  REUSABLE SERVICE WARE, LINENS & DECORATIONS: Simply put, no disposables.  Isn't that really what
  first-class service is after all? Decorations should also be either edible or reusable.  Stir Sticks are not used - only
  silverware. Paper Doilies will not be used.

  ENERGY REDUCTION: Conference area lighting is scheduled off at nighttime, unless otherwise noted. Individual
  meeting spaces have their own thermostat air control and window blinds. All buildings in Sundance Square including 
  the DR Horton Tower purchase clean, renewable energy to offset 10% of the annual use.  This purchase is large enough 
  to exceed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership purchase requirements and makes
  Sundance Square the largest real estate user of green power in the state of Texas.

  WATER CONSERVATION: We offer refillable pitchers instead of bottled water. Water coolers are available
  through the Club.  We will limit the use of items so that we are not washing dishes that are not necessary, i.e. coffee
  cup saucers or offering coffee to your guests and not automatically setting coffee cups on the tables, etc.

  PAPER CONSERVATION: Double sided copies are used when applicable. We shift written communication to
  e-mail when possible; contracts and event orders will be e-mailed when possible. Minimize the use of new packing
  supplies by reusing boxes and packing materials.

AUDIO/VISUAL EQUIPMENT: Wipe Boards are available in lieu of flipcharts. LCD projectors and overhead
  projectors are available to reduce the amount of handouts.

  RECYCLING: Toner cartridges are recycled throughout the Club. Recycling cartons are available upon request
  for individual meeting rooms.  Recyclable plastic will be purchased when available. Post consumer recycled paper
  and paper products are used in daily office procedures.

  TRANSPORTATION: City Club is within walking distance to major hotels and venues in Sundance Square. The
  train station is also within walking distance.

  Reserve your next event and go green at City Club! For more information please contact our Catering Department.

 Debbie Rubin
 Corporate Catering Sales Manager 
 817.878.4053 (fax)